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Impressive, Large, Unique Mid 19th Cent. Bavarian, Sterling Filigree, Baltic Amber & Gold Rosary

Impressive, Large, Unique Mid 19th Cent. Bavarian, Sterling Filigree, Baltic Amber & Gold Rosary

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✨ This impressive 19th-century Bavarian rosary is a rare collector's gem, a testament to both spirituality and artistry. Dating back to the mid-19th century, it showcases the bavarian catholic tradition with meticulous craftsmanship. Made from sterling filigree silver and adorned with 12.5 mm vintage baltic amber beads, this rosary exudes timeless beauty. The unique 65 mm sterling silver filigree Bavarian round reliquary, accented with gold medals of sacred imagery, adds a touch of opulence.

✨ With over 120 grams of sterling silver and approximately 10 grams of gold, this rosary, totaling 165 grams, is a precious collector's item that can also be used for prayer. Its exceptional condition and rich history make it a prized possession for those who appreciate rare and meaningful pieces.

✨ This never-before-seen example of an antique Bavarian Sterling Filigree silver rosary in 5 decades is both a unique collector's item and a spiritually significant artifact. With hallmarks and gold tests verifying its authenticity, it carries the weight of history, both in terms of its material and its 200-year-old heritage. Whether you add it to your collection or use it for prayer, this rosary is a testament to devotion and craftsmanship that transcends time. Will easily go over the head and be worn.

⦿ Features:

➼ 19th Century Bavarian Rosary
➼ Sterling Filigree & Amber
➼ Gold Reliquary & Medals
➼ Collector's Antique Jewelry
➼ Unique 5-Decade Design
➼ Pristine Condition
➼ 165 Grams Total Weight
➼ Hallmarks and Gold Tests
➼ Spiritual and Historical
➼ 200-Year-Old Heritage


➼ Rosary Type: 19th Century Bavarian Rosary
➼ Bead Material: Vintage Baltic Amber
➼ Ave Maria Bead Size: 12.5 mm
➼ Pater Noster Bead Size: 17.5 mm (Sterling Silver)
➼ Separator Beads: 132 Sterling Silver Filigree
➼ Cross Material: Sterling Silver Filigree
➼ Cross Dimensions: 50 x 50 mm
➼ Reliquary Material: Sterling Silver Filigree
➼ Reliquary Dimensions: 65 mm in diameter
➼ Gold Medals: Represent Sacred Heart and Virgin Mary with Child Jesus
➼ Total Rosary Length: 67 cm (26.8 in)
➼ Total Weight: 165 grams
➼ Sterling Silver Weight: Over 120 grams
➼ Gold Weight: Approximately 10 grams (14K)
➼ Authenticity: Hallmarks and Gold Tests
➼ Antique Vintage: Almost 200 years old

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