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1885 Mop and Sterling V. Large Chaplet w Janus Memento Mori & Miraculous Medal of Extreme Rarity

1885 Mop and Sterling V. Large Chaplet w Janus Memento Mori & Miraculous Medal of Extreme Rarity

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All Antique and Vintage Rosaries that I list come from my private collection.
They are genuine antiques – older than 100 years – or genuine vintages – from 30 to 100 years old.
All are in perfect condition and still very much usable.
They are unique and a real pleasure to collect or still use.

The item in this listing has the following characteristics:

It is a one decade open catholic chaplet with unusually large MOP beads and heavy Sterling silver content : Large MOP and Sterling Silver cross and a large Sterling Miraculous medal of extreme rarity as described here below.

Its main special feature is that it has a rare and large Janus Memento Mori Bead attached. This is a Rosary Bead Carved with the Head of the Crucified Christ on one side and a Human Skull on the other.
This rosary bead is carved in bone. The memento mori on this chaplet may very well date around 1840-1850.

The aim of a Memento Mori is to remind us the inevitability of death. As the god of transitions and dualities, Janus is portrayed with two faces—one facing the past, and one facing the future.
This is why this representation or memento mori, with two opposite faces, is called a Janus memento mori.

1- The MOP beads are oval for the Aves with a large size of 15 x 12 mm on the average

2- The padre bead is a huge round MOP bead of 19 mm diameter.

3- The Janus memento mori bead is 15 x 13 mm.

4- The cross is Large : 90 x 47 mm in Mother of pearl and sterling silver - still in pristine condition . on the silver reverse the following is written : Souvenir de 1ere communion 1885, with a stylized monogram : VCC as well as a name : Madeleine Labeau. The design of the cross is very intricate and of great beauty.

5- The Sterling Silver medal has an obverse similar to that of a Miraculous medal of The Lady of Rue du Bac - Paris with a size of 35 x 27 mm. On the reverse there is a Chalice with a writing in Latin : adoremus in oeternum sanctissimum sacramentum, meaning : Let us worship the most sacred sacrament for Eternity.
This is the only such medal in such a size that I have encountered.
It is practically impossible to find such a medal today.

6- French Sterling Silver hallmarks on both cross and medal. All metal parts are Sterling Silver

7- Total length : 39 cm - 15.6 in. - Total weight : 68 grams-

This a large item of extreme rarity, very original, attractive and pleasant to handle. Everything makes it highly collectible.


This is a magnificent item that you will greatly enjoy or that would make a fantastic gift.

My selling principle is : " SATISFACTION OR REFUND " AND IT APPLIES 100 %.
I am ready to refund in totality any item sold by me if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase


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