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Antique Genuine SAPHIRET Vermeil Earrings, Chain & Pendant Set Top Rarity Unique

Antique Genuine SAPHIRET Vermeil Earrings, Chain & Pendant Set Top Rarity Unique

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The very exceptional and extremely rare item in this listing has the following characteristics:

This is Pendant, Chain and a pair of Earrings all Hand made by me, using SAPHIRET beads ( see explanation herebelow) dating from the second half of the 19th century, and Vermeil findings and wire.
Specifications of the items are as folloiws :

I). Earrings with two beads each of 8 mm ( 0.7 in) average dia. and the pendant beads are 9 and 10 mm ea. Genuine SAPHIRET beads

II). Beads have been mounted by me as earrings and pendant as may be seen in the pictures using vermeil headpins, earwires, beadcaps and bail.

III). Vermeil used here is Sterling Silver electroplated with a thick layer of 24 K. Gold.

IV). Total weight 21 grams


<<<< SAPHIRET >>>>

Saphiret glass was made in Gablonz, Czechoslovakia, in the mid XIXth Century.
The process was to mix melted gold in sapphire blue glass.
The result was an opaque to semi opaque glass that had a range of colors from pinkish brown to red with soft glowing blue reflections on the surface and which had the particularity to change color and contrast under different lightings and backgrounds.
Production was stopped very early 20th century because of the increase of gold prices. So all saphiret items are pre Art deco, mostly Victorian/Edwardian.
Today genuine saphirets are of high rarity and much sought after stones by collectors.


This antique item is exceptional in all respects and of great rarity, beads used are well over a 100 years old and still in pristine condition.

All Photos are an intrinsic part of the description. Please use the zoom feature.

I tried my best to catch the very specifics of saphirets in the photos, showng their color change under different lightings and backgrounds as well as the specific soft blue glow.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question.


This is a magnificent item that you will greatly enjoy or that would make a fantastic gift.

My selling principle is : " SATISFACTION OR REFUND " AND IT APPLIES 100 %.

I am ready to refund in totality any item sold by me if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase



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