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Prayer Beads Gebetskette Oval Amber Colored Resin With Insects in each Bead .

Prayer Beads Gebetskette Oval Amber Colored Resin With Insects in each Bead .

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One more impressive, extremely original and truly unique Greek Komboloi by Swancollection : Amber Color Resin with one or more insects in each and very bead.

Each bead contains at least one insect perfectly conserved and very neat : ant, wasp, fly, spider, smaller insects,. Some contain much more than one insect. The close ups of many beads as well as of the main bead and separator show very clear examples .

These insects have been inserted into the heated amber color resin newly. They are not originally trapped in the resin. The workmanship is excellent and well done and give a beautiful result. The aim is to offer a very well done, special and original item at a reasonable and affordable price.

The strand is widely illustrated with close - ups for a better appreciation.

Description :

1)Material : Amber Color Resin with trapped insects in each bead. Insects being added newly in heated amber color resin.
2)Bead size 16 x 12 mm OVAL beads
3)Length 40 cm incl. tassel
4)Weight : 52 grams
5)Tassel : Silk.
6)General : A great item and a true collector's item perfect in all respects.

This is a magnificient and unique item that you will greatly enjoy or that would make a fantatstic gift. The knowledgeable amateur should not miss this very partcular item .


My selling principle is : SATISFACTION OR REFUND AND IT APPLIES 100 %.
I am ready to refund in totality any item sold by me if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase


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