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Prayer Beads Tesbih Gebetskette Turkish Large Round Jet Stone ( Oltu) & Sterling Silver

Prayer Beads Tesbih Gebetskette Turkish Large Round Jet Stone ( Oltu) & Sterling Silver

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Special from Swancollection : a magnificient strand of Worry beads or Tesbih

Big beads of Turkish Oltu JET STONE - called Oltu in Turkish.

It is an extremely pleasant item to use yourself or offer as a gift. It also has a very attractive and at a very reasonable price for such workmanship and type of material.

Description :

Material : Turkish Oltu stone ( See explanation below).
Tassel : Heavy, Sterling silver .
Weight : 80 grams ! - length 36 cm- Bead dia 14 mm. !
General : A Big and great item very atrractive in all respects.

Pictures describe best and are an intrinsic part of the description


This is a magnificient item that you will greatly enjoy or that would make a fantatstic gift on any occasion.

OLTU STONE : some information

The city of Erzurum in Eastern Turkey has a specific local black stone (Oltu tasi, Jet) which is carved to produce jewelry, rosary beads, key-chains, pipes and boxes, which you may see while wandering around, especially in Tashan.

Oltu stone, which has been carved in Erzurum since the 18th century, is one of the best examples of semi-precious stones to be found in the world. Oltu is excavated generally around Yasakdag, especially in Dutlu, Hankaskisla, Alatarla and Cataksu villages between the months of March and October. There are approximately 600 oltu quarries. Out of a total of 287 quarries in the Central Dutlu Region, 120 quarries are still being worked.
Jet is obtained from mountainous areas which are dug perpendicularly to the general surface and have galleries 70-80cm in diametre where only two or three miners can work.

Jet is a very compact velvet-black mineral of the nature of coal. Beds of this organic substance are 70-80 cms in thickness. Jet is formed when fossilized trees are subject to diastrophism resulting in folding.

The most attractive characteristic of oltu stone is that it is very soft when excavated and only begins to harden when it is exposed to the air. Therefore, it is very easy to carve this mineral. It generally comes in black, but can also be blackish brown, grey or greenish. When put near gas, this mineral bursts into flames and leaves behind a certain amount of ash. When rubbed, the oltu stone attracts, by way of static electricity, light substances such as dust.

Various ornaments made from oltu are some of the best examples of Turkish aesthetic arts. Oltu stones are mostly used to make ornaments including rings, earings, necklaces, bracelets, tie pins, pipes, studs, cigarette-holders, and prayer beads. It is also used in the electric and electronics industries

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