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Prayer Beads Tesbih Light Zebrano Wood - SUFI CARVING - COLLECTOR'S

Prayer Beads Tesbih Light Zebrano Wood - SUFI CARVING - COLLECTOR'S

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Special from Swancollection: a rare wood essence magnificient Prayer Bead Strand :Tesbih - Masbaha

You are presented here with an exceptional Prayer Bead Strand that is entirely hand carved by a master Bead carver in the traditional Ottoman style: Edirneli Ali Usta

Close up pictures show the main beads and separators and the very skilful carving whereby the ring is carved within the whole mass of the material thus being emprisoned by it, called CAPTIVE RING.

Close up of the pictures show the beautiful shape of the beads, which, with the main bead carving are of typical old ottoman carving.

This is one of such items, which is made of rare wood essences, taken from the most perfect part of the tree ( or seed) and already considered a rarity.

Description :

Description :
Wood Essence : LIGHT ZEBRANO - Microberlinia Brazzavilensis- sometimes called Zingana wood.
Tassel : Of same beads - very rare and elegant. Very special as may be seen from close up
General : 33 Beads of " elongated Oval " shape, known as " BEYZI". A beautiful striated pattern reminding of Zebra pattern.
Bead size 13 x 9 mm
Total length : 38 cm with tassel.
Very special "SUFI CARVING "as may be seen from close up. The main bead and end bead having the shape of the Turban that Sufi Cheikhs and Turning derishes usually wear.

Exquisite carving and very high quality wood essence, cured for a few years ensuring perfect dryness before carving - A highly collectible item in all respects

These tesbihs made of rare wood essence are considered to be the "purest" of all as the material of which they are made is simple, beautiful and natural and with noble intrinsic beauty given to it by the Creator. Such items are extremely rare to find in such perfect condition

My selling principle is : SATISFACTION OR REFUND AND IT APPLIES 100 %.

I am ready to refund in totality any item sold by me if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase


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