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Prayer Worry Beads Tesbih Rosary : Kuka by Egyptian Master carver - with Sterling - Collector's item

Prayer Worry Beads Tesbih Rosary : Kuka by Egyptian Master carver - with Sterling - Collector's item

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Special from SwanCollection : a rare wood essence magnificient Prayer Bead Strand :Tesbih - Masbaha of very high quality carving in rare material

You are presented here with an exceptional Prayer Bead Strand that is entirely hand carved by an Egyptian master Bead carver in a revival of the traditional Ottoman style.

Close up of the pictures show the beautiful and special shape of the beads, which, with the main bead carving are of typical old ottoman style carving.

This is a revival of the traditional Ottoman style but made by Egyptian bead carvers.

I am honored to have known these masters who work with such an art and patience and unfortunely the last of a kind.

This is one of such items, which - made of rare woods, taken from the most perfect part of the tree ( nut or seed).

Description :

Wood Essence : RARE KUKA NUT - Please see picture
Tassel : sterling silver- Hand made - very elegant.
General : 33 Beads of "SHALGAMI SHAPE" - Turnip shape : 9.5x10.5 mm

These tesbihs made of rare wood essence are considered to be the "purest" of all as the material of which they are made is simple, beautiful and natural and with noble intrinsic beauty given to it by the Creator. Such items are extremely rare to find in such perfect condition and will become high valued rarities in the very near future.

It is easy to understand why such big size beads are rare when one looks at the Kuka nuts as in the picture below. Such big beads are made of the rare biggest nuts which have minimal seeds thus allowing maximum "flesh" thickness.

This is a very rare and exceptional item that you will greatly enjoy or that would make a fantatstic addition to any collection as it is unique . A royal gift.

It is also a magnificient and rare collector's item as well as a beautiful strand to handle; it will give its owner renewed pleasure each time he will handle it and listen to the beautiful sound of its beads clicking one on the other .

Close up pictures are there to testify of the beauty and attraction of this very exceptional item.


My selling principle is : SATISFACTION OR REFUND AND IT APPLIES 100 %.
I am ready to refund in totality any item sold by me if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase


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