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Vintage Bloodstone-- Heliotrope - and Sterling Silver Exceptional Catholic Rosary ca. 1925 w 7 Rare Medals ca. 1870-1920 – French - XXXR

Vintage Bloodstone-- Heliotrope - and Sterling Silver Exceptional Catholic Rosary ca. 1925 w 7 Rare Medals ca. 1870-1920 – French - XXXR

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All Antique and Vintage Rosaries that I list come from my private collection.
They are genuine antiques – older than 100 years – or genuine vintages – from 30 to 100 years old.
All are in perfect condition and still very much usable.
They are unique and a real pleasure to collect or still use.

The item in this listing has the following characteristics:

This is a French Rosary with 7 Rare medals.

The rosary itself, from its style, dates from the 2nd decade of the 20th Century : 1920-1930. Many of the medals seem older, late 19th century to early 20th.
My guess is that the owner has added to his rosary older medals that he got from his family.
The final aspect is an awesome item with great attractiveness.

Blood Stone or Heliotrope is a dark green Gemstone with blood red streaks that was used in Rosaries as the red streaks reminded of the Blood of Christ.Quality and size of Bloodstone used in this rosary is exeptional as may be seen from close ups.

1. 10 mm average dia. Gemstone Blood stone ( Heliotrope) beads for the Ave Marias and 14 mm sterling capped beads for the Pater Nosters, also in same gemstone. Tis is quite a large bead size for rosaries.

2. The Rosary center is made in Sterling Silver and represents an angel with wings folded in a triangle.

3. Attached to the Rosary are 7 rare medals . All medals are Sterling Silver - one of them have an 18k gold center and all the othes are sterling silver.

4. Sterling Silver main cross 60 X 35 mm with the bail. Please look at the picture closely.

5. All Metal parts are Sterling Silver.

6. Total length : 60 cm (24 in.) -- Total weight : 111 grams - !!!! Large and heavy item.

7. The 7 sterling medals are as follows :

a- One open lace work sterling medal with an 18K. Gold Chalice in the Center. Very Surely a first Communion present. Nothing written on the reverse.
Extremely nice work, a real beauty, extremely rare in this condition and style. Heavy and in Pristine condition.

b- One Sterling medals of the Brotherhood of honour of the guard of the sacred heart. On the reverse is written : Glory! Love! Repair to the Heart of Jesus. ( Translated from French)

c- One sterling medal which is the Miraculous Medal of the Virgin Mary - ND: du Bac in Paris

d- A sSterling medal in the form of a cros from our Lady of Lourdes.

e- One large sterling medal the Virgin Mary Standing and written on the obverse " Monstra Te Esse Matrem " - meaning : "Show Yourself, Mother" and on the reverse : " Congregation des enfants de Marie - meaning :" Congregation of the Children of Mary " - This is a medal which was owned by members of this congregation.The Congregation of the Children of Mary was established in response to Our Lady's command given to St. Catherine Labouré in July of 1830. The Blessed Mother wanted a new confraternity established in the Church that would be linked with the gift of the Miraculous Medal. Thre is a name and date on the obverse: P.Bonnet - 1869

f- One Sterling medal of the Congregation Of Jesus Child Redeemer of the world.

g- One large open work sterling medal of St Cristopher of exceptional beauty and rarity.

Detailed pictures of all the specifics are available - Please use the zoom feature.

This item is exceptional and of great rarity; it is over 80 years old and still in excellent condition, with signs of use. Very heavy in Sterling with a lot of very rare Sterling Silver and exceptional Heiotrope ( Bloodstone) quality

All Pictures are an intrinsic part of the description. Please use the zoom feature.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question.


This is a magnificent item that you will greatly enjoy or that would make a fantastic gift.

My selling principle is : " SATISFACTION OR REFUND " AND IT APPLIES 100 %.
I am ready to refund in totality any item sold by me if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase

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